Keeping control of maintenance costs

ENGEL AUSTRIA is setting new standards in the maintenance of injection moulding machines thanks to ENGEL protect and ENGEL protect+. The two service packages insure plastics processing firms against repair costs while significantly improving the availability of machinery and systems.

Keeping control of maintenance costs
Keeping control of maintenance costs

“Calculating maintenance costs is not easy, especially where injection moulding machines are used for a lot of different products and the requirements keep changing,” points out Wolf-gang Degwerth, head of the Customer Service Division at ENGEL AUSTRIA. “With our new service packages, we are enabling customers to plan reliably from the start.”

Where clients sign up to ENGEL protect, ENGEL pledges to rectify at no additional cost all damage to production systems supplied by ENGEL not caused by wear or operation. Spares, transport and technical services are included, regardless of whether these are rendered on site or over the phone. ENGEL protect+ goes a step further and even includes expendable parts (the only exception to this being components subject to plasticising wear). From now on, plastics processing companies can therefore guard against unpleasant surprises.

Since the two service packages make quotations and ordering processes superfluous, proc-essing firms also save time. One call to ENGEL is all that’s required for the required parts and resources to be scheduled automatically. At the same time, the customer benefits from their supplier’s fast pace of innovation. New developments and insights are continually feed-ing in to the process, ensuring systems run at maximum output and availability for years.

A big plus for security, for the life of a machine
Known as ENGEL plus, the comprehensive range of maintenance-oriented products and services also include the upgradable ecodriveR energy-saving option, the flomo temperature-controlling water distribution system, oil maintenance, the e-service.24 remote maintenance tool and the e-factory 2 MES solution as well as training and e-learning options.


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