Profile Production at an Unprecedented High Level

Roller templates in the RED.TOOLING vacuum tank from Greiner Extrusion provide for virtually no-scratch profile surfaces.

Profile Production at an Unprecedented High Level
Profile Production at an Unprecedented High Level

Unbreakable, dry profiles with virtually no-scratch profile surfaces produced with low energy consumption are the key advantages of the roller templates used in the RED.TOOLING vacuum tank made by Greiner Extrusion. With these achievements, the world leading manufacturer of toolings, machines and complete manufacturing facilities for window profile extrusion is setting a new standard. The in-house development of the roller templates integrated into the RED.TOOLING system has been significantly upgraded to produce profile surfaces at a whole new level of quality.

Nussbach, 06 June 2013 – As the market leader, Greiner Extrusion is once again advancing the development of profile extrusion. Greiner is paying close attention to customer demands and delivering innovative customer-oriented solutions. The most recent example of this is in the quality improvements to roller templates. This product segment makes up one of the RED.TOOLING tooling system’s components, and it increases profile surface quality while simultaneously improving upon sustainability. Thus, Greiner Extrusion once again demonstrates how high quality standards, increased productivity and economical production processes work hand in hand to achieve improvement.

Eco-(World) Champion
“Energy-efficiency, economical utilization of resources, and high productivity are the fundamental factors in modern profile extrusion,” says Michael Schleiss, CEO of Greiner Extrusion. The roller templates integrated into the vacuum tank of the RED.TOOLING system directly address the subjects of economy and reduction of rejects. Through the use of roller templates, the reject rate is reduced to about 16%. Benefits derived from the roller templates also encompass aspects of handling.

The colorful marks are ultrasonic-resistant and render substantial guidance in regards to installation direction and positioning in the vacuum tank. The roller templates are easily reworked using the roller tuner, and in addition they provide extraordinarily long service life. In comparison with existing tank systems, the number of roller templates used has been optimized. This results in achieving the characteristic qualities of the RED.TOOLING system such as energy savings, reduction in rejects and process optimization.

Perfectly coordinated
The vacuum tank and roller templates together create the ideal combination. The multi-cyclone tube supplies the tank with a vacuum, and it controls the water level automatically. This leads to minimized sources of error, and thus a massive reduction in water consumption by almost 50 per cent compared to traditional systems. The use of roller templates in the vacuum tank achieves a truly competitive advantage in terms of costs – thus providing customers with a clear edge in the marketplace.

Corporate Data
Greiner Extrusion is a subsidiary of Greiner Tool.Tec, and an integral part of Greiner Group. During the past 30 years, consistency and innovative thinking have made Greiner Extrusion the worldwide leader in toolings and machinery for plastic profile extrusion, and in designing complete manufacturing facilities for the production of plastic window profiles. Most major window profile extruders utilize toolings from Greiner Extrusion for their production. Greiner Tool.Tec is based at Nussbach, Upper Austria, and has 11 locations throughout the world. In 2012, the company achieved an annual sales volume of €75 million with a workforce of 783 employees.

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