Plastic recycling plant may get a new lease of life

Clean Kerala Company, an agency to ensure hygiene management in the State, may take up the operation of the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation’s plastic waste recycling plant at West Hill. The reopening of the plant will be a relief to the city which is struggling with the accumulation of plastic waste.

Mayor V.K.C. Mammad Koya told The Hindu that talks had been held with Clean Kerala on the plant, though a contract has not been signed so far. “We have to remove the tonnes of waste that is already accumulated in the compound of the plant. It cannot be recycled any more as it is too old and dirty,” he said.

Plastic Recycling
Plastic recycling plant may get a new lease of life

The plant was closed in October 2015 after the contractor claimed that it was not profitable. Reopening of the plant was one of the 13-point action plans of the new Mayor.

There is heaps of plastic refuse in various parts of the district as there was no mechanism to process them. The corporation is consulting a private company that can remove the accumulated plastic waste free of cost and transport it to Karnataka for recycling.

As soon as the recycling plant is made operational, the corporation will resume the door-to-door collection of plastic waste. “However, we need to ensure that the plastic is clean before collecting it. It is useless if it is dirty,” the Mayor said.

Meanwhile, the Corporation Council on Friday decided to renew the contract with Niravu, Vengeri, to remove the organic waste in the city.