One machine, endless applications
One machine, endless applications

Bielomatik demonstrated the usage of multiple plastic welding technologies utilizing a single, flexible servo-motoric driven Machine. The machine exhibited allows plastic welding of components using a variety of technologies.

State of the art solutions enable a fast tooling change. bielomatik would like to offer practical and useful support to all application engineers. One relevant question always asked is: will new technologies replace the existing ones? Visitors to the booth found the discussions with our experts useful and informative. The information gained enables them to make the right decision while deploying new technologies to weld high end thermoplastic parts with complex geometries.

One example is the welding of instrument panels with infrared technology. bielomatik shows that a minimum of variations in machine design and the maximum of applicable technologies are not contradicting itself, whether one needs conventional technologies for standard components or new heating methods for high end thermoplasts. It enables an economical serial production of a large number of applications.

Bielomatik designs and manufactures individual machines or integrated manufacturing cells for plastic welding with

  •  Hotplate, Linear Vibration or Laser welding machines
  • Hotplate and Linear Vibration welding aided by Infrared Technology
  • Ultrasonic welding cells for integrated solutions with other welding technologies
  • Complete automated manufacturing cells for fuel tanks, IP panels, tail lamps , Batteries including integrated part handling
  • Transfer lines to finishing centers for milling, cutting, final assembly and testing

The bielomatik application engineers offer advice about an optimal design of the welding area and back it up with welding tests, prototype runs and initial production runs. In the welding laboratory in Neuffen Germany we will optimize the welding parameters according to part geometry and material requirements. A dedicated Service department supports our customer’s global footprint.

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