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New grade of HyTemp polyacrylate elastomer improves hose extrusion performance

On December 7, US-based Zeon Chemicals introduced a new grade of HyTemp to its polyacrylate elastomer family intended for use in

Charge Air Cooler (CAC) hose for turbo diesel (TDi) or turbo gasoline applications and other high-performance automotive parts.

According to the company, HyTemp AR212XP offers better polyacrylate extrusion performance while bringing the same level of heat and fluid resistance of Zeon’s High-Temperature ACM (HT-ACM) elastomers at greater than 50% faster extrusion rate.

In addition to an increased rate of extrusion, HyTemp AR212XP is said to offer other benefits compared to HyTemp AR212HR, including improved extruder feeding and improved surface finish. It offers higher tear resistance, while also providing OEMs with improved dynamic performance in the end use application. Additionally, AR212XP allows the use of increased level of filler loading to attain equivalent hardness but achieve an increase in ultimate elongation.

As said, HyTemp AR212XP was specifically designed for hose applications requiring the conveying of extremely hot air saturated with petroleum-based oils and fuels. Previous HyTemp polyacrylate elastomers have traditionally been used for the sealing or conveying of fluids used in engines, automatic transmissions, or power steering systems.


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