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NDRC: China's ban on free plastic bags receives positive results

According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China,

the ban on free plastic bags three years ago achieved great results, as the use of plastic bags reduced significantly at major retail shops and supermarkets.

At a ceremony that celebrated the third anniversary of the implementation of the ban on free plastic bags, NDRC Vice Secretary General Zhao Jiarong said that the consumption of plastic bags at major shops reduced by 24 billion pieces, which helped save 600,000 tons of plastics, equivalent to around 3.6 milllion tons of petroleum. Carbon dioxide emissions were also reduced by 10 million tons during the three years’ span.

The ban also prohibits the production of bags that are thinner than 0.025mm. However, a survey done by the International Food Packaging Association revealed that 70% of plastic bags used in outdoor markets in Beijing are substandard products and mainly ultra-thin plastic bags, according to a news report by China Daily.


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