New digital scale control system prevents minerals build up

US-based DME Molding Supplies has lately developed a new line of digital scale control systems to remove or prevent scale-forming

precipitate in cooling water.

The new system, developed by the MRO division of DME, uses computer program to create a complex group of frequencies that are amplified and driven into a coil surrounding the cooling water pipe. By breaking down hard calcite, the digital scale control system improves thermal transfer while also reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of components such as pumps, lines, heat exchangers, etc, according to the company.

Available in seven sizes for pipe diameters ranging from 1″ to 12″, the system can also reduce mineral deposit corrosion failures. “The digital scale control system is the most proactive method of eliminating troublesome scale deposits,” says Jim Hunt, Global Business Manager for DME Molding Supplies. “It not only saves money for molders on maintenance costs, but because it helps equipment operate more efficiently, it also creates ROI every step of the way.”

DME says that systems for 1″ and 2″ pipes are in stock and ready to ship while the remaining five systems can be customized within three weeks.


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