Ticona expands POM portfolio with new Hostaform XT20

Ticona announced on October 26 that it has extended the company’s Hostaform S range of impact-resistant modified polyoxymethylene

(POM) products. The new Hostaform XT20 is suited for technical pipe applications because of its cold impact resistance and toughness.

As said, the Hostaform XT20 is an enhanced design of Hostaform S 9362, 9363 and 9364. Its impact-resistant property is equal to modified polyamide PA 11/12. As a third generation POM, it also provides greater low-temperature impact strength and improved chemical resistance.

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH in Germany uses Hostaform XT20 to extrude pipes and hoses, Ticona stated. “The burst pressure and low temperature impact resistance of these pipes and hoses simply set a new scale. Their fusion behavior has been improved by the modification process and allows us to employ standard components in the peripheral units along the extrusion line.” said Fred Liebzeit, Technical Director of Novoplast. The extruded POM hoses are used as protective sleeves of hand brake cables and elastic shafts of seat adjusters or sun roofs.

With service temperatures between -40°C and 80°C, Hostaform XT20 also achieves low water absorption, good mechanical and tribological properties plus high chemical resistance, in particular against fuel. Applications, specifically in the field of automotive engineering, include fuel lines, pneumatic braking systems, clutches, air-conditioning and power steering.


Source : http://www.adsalecprj.com