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Chinaplas exhibitor in focus: Arburg showcases latest injection molding innovations at Chinaplas

At Chinaplas 2009, global leading injection molding machine builder Arburg will present the latest tried and tested Allrounder models.

Max Man, manager of the Arburg subsidiary in Shenzhen, China, has recently talked to our staff reporter. “Chinaplas is without doubt the No. 1 plastics and rubber trade fair in China and in Asia. The scale of the show is unparallel while every year Chinaplas brings high quality visitors in large number. It is the “must-attend” show of the year. Arburg is a regular participant of the show and we will have a strong presence in Guangzhou this May.”

Recovery needs confidence

For the Guangdong based, export oriented plastics enterprises which mainly produce middle or low end products, they are the obvious victims under global financial crisis. The recovery of market confidence is of supreme importance, as stressed by Man. “Though policies targeted to the decline have been launched already, our industry is uncertain on how long and these measures will take full effect. However we can see that the stimulus package was successful in building up confidence. For the full recovery of economy, confidence is all that matters.” Man though believed the worst time has pasted and expected the economy to bounce back in the second half of this year. “The crisis has pushed the poorly-run enterprises further to elimination, this wave of industry consolidation may well improve the well being of the plastics industry. Arburg, a supplier of advanced injection molding technology, is also a benefactor as the market slowly turns to high end products.”

At Chinaplas the innovations of Arburg in packaging application is represented by an Allrounder 570 A with a clamping force of 2,000 kN and a size 800 injection unit. The exhibit demonstrates the capability of the electric Arburg machines: 24 screw caps are produced in a cycle time of 4.8 seconds.

The Allrounder Golden Edition will also feature in Arburg’s booth. Equipped with servo-electric Multilift V Select robotic system, the smart automatic device can handle most of the removal and set-down tasks. The new offer contains not only machine and robotic system, but a complete production unit. The system, controlled by Selogica system, also allows the “Teach-in” function that makes programming extremely easy. All the necessary parameter entries are then automatically checked and performed in the control system.

Furthermore, the Allrounder 375 V with a clamping force of 500kN and a size 100 injection unit shown onsite will display the encapsulating of inserts driven automatically by using a rotary table. In each cycle, four cables are manually inserted into the four-cavity mold and are encapsulated with a thermoplastic elastomer. The part weight of the bend protector is 1.2 grams and the cycle time is 35 seconds.



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