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Nanocor Introduces New nanoMax® Masterbatch Products

Nanocor has announced a new nanoMax product line for polyolefin resins. These new nanoMax formulations do not contain any compatibalizers, such as PE-g-MA or PP-g-MA. These products were developed using the elongational flow processing technology developed by Stratek-Plastics in Wallingford, CT.

The nanoMax product line was introduced to provide easy processing to incorporate Nanomer® nanoclay into polyolefin resins. These products have been used in flame retardation and engineering plastics. The original formulations contain PE-g-MA or PP-g-MA as compatibalizer to disperse nanoclay. “nanoMax products enabled customer to speed up the pace of product development” said Dr. Tie Lan, General manager of Nanocor. “Elimination of the compatabilizer is a significant technical advance for the use of nanoclay in polyolefins” added Dr. Lan, “this creates an excellent opportunity to use nanoclay additives in food packaging applications. This also provides potential cost savings to our customers”

Stratek-Plastics LLC is based in Wallingford, CT, having successfully developed processing equipment to utilize elongation-flow to facilitate particle dispersing in various polymer matrices. The mixing process is called Tek-Mix, and the equipment is being commercially manufactured by Xaloy Inc. under the tradename nXmix. Nanoclays and nano carbon tubes are among the particles successfully tested. “The need to disperse nano-scale particles or additives in polymer resins provides us an excellent opportunity to market processing equipment like nXmix,” stated Alan Stall, CEO of Stratek. “The nXmix is a simple add-on device to any extruder, single or twin screw, to improve compounding or for direct extrusion product improvement ” added Alan.

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Stratek-Plastics” commented Larry Washow, President and CEO of AMCOL International Corp., the parent company of Nanocor. “This development will help the company maintain our leadership position in nanoclay processing and application technologies.”

About AMCOL International Corp.

Nanocor’s parent company, AMCOL International Corp., produces and markets specialty mineral products used for industrial, environmental and consumer-related applications. The company operates in three industry segments, minerals, environmental and transportation.



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