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Metallic-Look Geon™ Vinyl Molding Compounds from PolyOne

PolyOne unveiled a portfolio of metallic special effect rigid vinyl molding compounds, during the recently concluded NPE 2009. Available globally under the Geon™ brand, these compounds help manufacturers meet current design trends for bold colors and metallic accents while reducing costs by eliminating secondary processes such as painting or plating.

Substituting a pre-colored vinyl compound for metal or painted plastic in appliance applications offers processors and OEMs several key benefits. Metallic effect vinyl compounds eliminate the cost of painting or plating, and they reduce returns due to surface scratches and mars because the color goes all the way through the part. By removing the need for paint or plating, these compounds also help customers to avoid generating VOCs and bearing the burden of their associated costs.

While polymers pre-colored with metallic pigments are not new, manufacturers have had difficulty molding them into high quality parts. They are prone to developing visible weld lines, which limit their use to low end-applications.

PolyOne’s extensive expertise in color matching, part design, tool configuration, and process optimization allows the company to derive methods of moving the weld lines to an area not readily viewed by users. The end results are high quality, production-ready injection molded parts.

“PolyOne brings a wide range of knowledge as well as industry-leading, innovative materials targeted to the latest trends in the appliance industry,” said Mike Balasko, senior marketing manager, Geon Compounds. “Our hands-on approach to helping customers – whether that is through collaboration with the OEM, tool builder, molder, or all three – results in real, value-creating solutions for our customers.”

About PolyOne

PolyOne Corporation, with 2008 annual revenues of $2.7 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. Headquartered outside of Cleveland, Ohio USA, PolyOne has operations around the world.



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