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MyCoperion – new customer portal for service orders

new customer portal for service orders

Easy online management of service orders for extrusion and bulk materials systems

new customer portal for service orders
new customer portal for service orders

Stuttgart, October 2013 – Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, presents its new service portal MyCoperion at K 2013 in Duesseldorf, October 16–23, 2013. This private area of the Coperion website offers customers a quick and easy way of checking the status of offers and existing service orders, rapidly identifying and requesting spare parts in a digital catalogue and downloading operating manuals.

This online service is divided into four modules and can be accessed from the Coperion home page with just one click. The service portal allows customers to efficiently communicate with Coperion service staff since both parties have access to the same database. At present, customers of Coperion’s Stuttgart and Weingarten/Germany offices can use the service portal and additional locations are under development.

MyCoperion modules at a glance
In the MyCoperion Offer Tracking module, customers can find information about the status of their current spare part requests for quotation. In addition to identifying part numbers, description names and available number of units, customers can retrieve relevant details such as their contact name and consignee.The MyCoperion Order Tracking module provides users with real-time information about current order status. Order Tracking enables customers to view the status of their placed orders including latest scheduled delivery dates, dispatch date, carrier and, if applicable, tracking number.

The MyCoperion Spare Parts Catalogue allows customers to view and select, using an online shopping basket, all spare parts for machinery supplied by Coperion. User-friendly navigation means wear parts can be quickly and simply identified. When it comes to customer questions about their machine or selecting the right spare parts, communication is easy and quick, because customers and Coperion service staff have access to the same data. Finally, the module allows heavily used spare parts to be identified, so spare part stock levels can be optimized.

The MyCoperion Operating Manuals module offers customers operating manuals for their machinery in digital (XML) format. These are available in English and German and replace paper documentation for newly ordered systems and machinery.

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