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Munchy launches new machines for scrap material recycling

UK manufacturer Munchy announces the launch of two new ranges of machines for recycling scrap materials.  The Muncher provides a solution for those companies that require a versatile, high-output, single-unit recycling center.

With a powerful integrated shredder and feed system, it can be used to recycle a wide range of material forms including purgings, start-up scrap, bags, sacks, bales, reels, tubes and punch-outs. Scrap materials are simply loaded onto a conveyor that transports it onto the integrated shredder for sizing. The material is then consistently fed into the extruder for processing and then palletizing.’

4 According to the manufacturer, the palletizing system is easy to access which allows for fast cleaning which is essential when changing the material type and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination. A touch-screen control provides easy and simple operation and is available in a number of different languages. The MUNCHER has been designed to allow for quick and easy maintenance by operator and therefore eliminates the need for dedicated maintenance personnel for day-to-day operation. Several options are available to match the users exact requirements. These include metal detection, venting for wet or damp materials, reel feeding and hydraulic screen changers. The range consists of a number of different machine sizes with outputs ranging from 220 to 1,100 lb/hr. Larger output machines are be introduced into the range in the very near future, the company reveals.

The mini Munchy has been designed specifically for use within the blown film industry to provide small, energy efficient, non-obstructive recycling of edge trim. Its compact and “open construction” allow for low maintenance, non-operator dependent and on-line operation, while an AC vector and direct-drive technology are featured for the sake of energy efficiency. Plugs and sockets allow for routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator without the need to wait for dedicated maintenance personnel. The Air Pelletizing System is quick and easy to access for efficient cleaning while eliminating problems associated with water cooled systems.


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