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Minimal material, maximum functionality:Südpack introduces new generation Veraplex film

Eco-sustainable options – outstanding product protection also with laminated paper and minimal film

Südpack introduces new generation Veraplex film
Südpack introduces new generation Veraplex film

Ochsenhausen, 3rd June 2014 – At this year’s interpack, Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG presented Veraplex for the first time. The completely new film generation offers maximum product protection with minimal film thickness. Although the film is extremely thin, it provides outstanding puncture resistance with an extremely high oxygen/aroma barrier. The film is suitable for products with high mechanical requirements and for corrosive bulk products. Film laminated with paper creates a very eco-sustainable packaging. The amount of film is kept to a minimum without sacrificing product protection properties.

style=”text-align: justify;”>”Veraplex is the film of the future,” said Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele. “The material achieves an outstanding thickness to function performance ratio that is unprecedented in today’s market. It’s a revolution in film.” The film has impressive properties and many possibilities for presentation. It is highly transparent and can be designed using flexographic and rotogravure printing processes.

Südpack introduces new generation Veraplex filmVeraplex Craft: optimal combination of film and paper

Veraplex Craft laminates film with paper. Only 25 µm thick, the film improves eco-sustainability while maintaining the same product protection properties. Veraplex combined with paper also scores points when it comes to product presentation. The renewable resource ensures stability yet has a natural look and feel. Consumers instantly recognize the ecological advantages of the packaging – a persuasive factor at point of sale. Options include a laser-cut window that offers a direct view of the product inside and reinforces consumer trust. Veraplex Craft combines the strengths of both materials: The functionality of film and consumer acceptance of paper as a packaging material. Veraplex Craft can be processed as a tubular bag and as a lid film on standard packaging machines.

Wide range of applications, efficient application

Veraplex is available as a laminate or a paperless co-extruded lid film. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, it can be processed on all standard machines without sacrificing performance capabilities. Its minimal thickness and reduced weight means that a roll holds twice as much material. This makes for longer runtimes with fewer roll changes during the production process.

Südpack introduces new generation Veraplex filmVeraplex’s high aroma barrier and puncture resistance make it especially suited for packing demanding bulk products. The film can be used in bulk packaging for industrial processing in the B2B sector, as well as B2C packaging for consumers. In both cases, the extremely thin film creates an optimum packaging to product ratio – even for a small number of units. Stable, packable bags are laminated with paper. Their degree of stiffness varies depending on requirements. Veraplex is also available in white for opaque packaging that protects the contents from light.

“We designed and developed Veraplex based on a unique technology,” Remmele said. “Interpack as the packaging industry’s leading trade event was the ideal setting to introduce our new film to the market.”

Südpack in brief

The Südpack Packaging Group is based in Ochsenhausen, Germany. Founded in 1964 by Alfred Remmele, the family-managed business operates 22 sales offices and production sites in Germany, France and Switzerland. Südpack specializes in hard/soft films and plastic bags. Films are printed using flexographic and rotogravure printing processes. Südpack Medica, a subsidiary of Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG, manufactures sterile packaging for the medical industry under clean room conditions. With 997 employees, the corporate group generated more than EUR 330 million in sales in 2013. Further information about Südpack is available on the Internet: and

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