Segment Oxoplast™ launchesnew products within specialty plasticizers portfolio.

Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A., a Grupa Azoty capital group company introduceschanges in one of the key business segments – Segment Oxoplast™. Theproduct portfolio of the Segment Oxoplast™ is extended with new products:the specialty plasticizer Oxofine™ TOTM and the first specialty polymericplasticizer Oxofine™ Poly2K in the offer. Moreover, from now on, allspecialty plasticizers offered by Segment Oxoplast™ will operate under theumbrella brand Oxofine™. After the change, Adoflex™ and Oxovilen™ will bereplaced with the brands Oxofine™ DOA and Oxofine™ DBT, respectively. **Product specialization*Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. has been continuously producing plasticizers since the1950s. Over the decades, the plants have developed and modernized to finetune to market fundamentals and growing specialization of the industry.Lunching Oxoviflex™ in 2015th, company’s first non-phthalate plasticizermarked the turning point for Segment Oxoplast™. During next years theproduction capacity has been increased, reaching the level of 65 kT/yearalong with growing demand for the product. Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. has becomethe largest producer of DOTP in the European Union. Oxoviflex™ is theflagship general purpose plasticizer of the Segment Oxoplast™ and, togetherwith the specialty products under Oxofine™ brand, forms its complementaryplasticizers portfolio.

– In line with the chosen development directions, as well as market andregulatory requirements, we are expanding Grupa Azoty product portfoliowith specialty plasticizers. Our goal is to provide solutions that allowmanufacturing of products friendly to the environment and human health,based on the principles of sustainable development *– emphasizes TomaszHinc, President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A.*

In 2019, the company commissioned a specialty esters plant with capacity of10 kT/ year, thus introducing new plasticizers to the portfolio. As aresult of adopted development strategy, Segment Oxoplast™ product portfolioof the was expanded to include other specialties, i.e. Oxofine™ TOTMand *Oxofine™Poly2K – the first polymeric specialty plasticizer in the offer.*-

Oxofine™ is our response to the expectations and current marketconditions. Plastic additives market is constantly evolving, motivatingproducers and customers to cooperate closely on solutions in the field ofinnovative, specialized products. Our offer is developed in line with thistrend *– says Paweł Stańczyk, President of the Management Board of GrupaAzoty ZAK S.A.*

Research and development activities*At Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. the work is continuously underway and focusing onnew products that will be added to the Oxofine™ line in the future.

Extending the value chain towards specialist products in the SegmentOxoplast™ is of key importance to us. For this purpose, we are building aResearch and Development Center, which will be a solid support in theprocess of developing new technologies – *explains Paweł Stańczyk.*

The company already has an semi-scale plasticizer plant where new productsare being developed and the currently used manufacturing technologies andproducts are fine-tuned.

Environmentally friendly solutions*In addition to expanding the product portfolio, Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. alsointroduces pro-environmental changes on production plants.

– The New Energy Concept implemented in the Company will provide theSegment Oxoplast™ with power, heat and steam produced with a significantlyreduced, and periodically even zero, carbon footprint. In this way, *we andour products contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions – says PiotrMatyja, Director of the Segment Oxoplast™.

The New Energy Concept is an innovative alternative approach compared toconventional to the heat and power plant, which involves coal-fired boiler.Its key element is the use of process heat from chemical plants andprocesses to generate heat, steam and electricity.All plasticizers producedby Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. are compliant with the requirements of the REACHregulation, are not subject to authorization, legal and applicationrestrictions and – thanks to their safe profile – don’t have the CLPclassification.

Find out more about the new Oxofine™ products at<>*

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