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Wittmann Battenfeld unveils new PowerVision inspection system

Wittmann Battenfeld, an injection molding machines manufacturer based in Austria, has announced its new PowerVision inspection system.

As introduced, the PowerVision basically is the Cognex vision system integrated into the company’s Unilog B6 control, and can be combined with the production chain with ease. In addition, the visualization of the measurement function in the UNILOG B6 control also enables the operator of the machine to monitor the measurement results.

This integrated concept has been implemented for the first time in the MicroPower, the machine of the Wittmann Battenfeld’s PowerSeries designed for the injection molding of small and micro parts.

According to Wittmann Battenfeld, the visualization is based on a connection between the user interface VisionView from Cognex and the Windows XP based Unilog B6 control. The access times for the PowerVision in the Unilog B6 control system are almost as short as those on the Cognex VisionView panel, reveals the company.

As the company further introduced, the Unilog B6 control system grants access to the PowerVision only after a user has logged in to the system. Unintentional alterations of the measurement program or the measurement limits for the Cognex camera can be avoided.

Additionally a VGA and USB connection are also available on the MicroPower. This enables the customer to install an additional monitor to view the PowerVision software, for example close to the reject area. If desired, values can be changed with the help of a USB mouse, or pictures can be stored on a USB stick.

The camera is accessed by a program of the vertical Scara robot W8VS2 from Wittmann. To allow for user-friendliness, those teach program functions which have to be monitored in connection with specific products have been installed in the Quick-Editor function of the Wittmann R8.2 control. Image based parameter settings can then be set up step by step.

The robot transmits the trigger signal for capturing of the image together with the respective cavity number. As the MicroPower has been equipped with a rotary table at the ejector side for short cycles, the respective B mold half for the part to be measured is also transmitted to the camera.

The relevant feedback is then transmitted to the robot, starting with the signal of “picture taken”. At this point, the robot can begin to move in order to minimize cycle times. Following evaluation of the picture, the good/bad part selection is communicated to the robot. Statistic records can be documented and stored.

Many lighting systems in common use require an external transformer to control the intensity of the light required for taking the image. Here, the correct light intensity is set manually with the help of a potentiometer. By contrast, the Cognex In-Sight Micro Ring Light is connected directly and controlled by the camera.

Deploying the latest LED technology, previous high energy lighting systems have been replaced with this power-saving flash device. Wittmann Battenfeld states that, unintentional changes in light intensity can also be avoided.


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