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Milacron delivers 10,001st Indian made injection machine to Cello Group

Injection Moulding Machine

US-based Milacron Holdings Corp. announced the delivery of the 10,001st injection molding machine  from its Ahmedabad, India manufacturing facility.

“This is a significant milestone in our India based operations. India continues to be a global plastics processing powerhouse. A number of analysts predict that by 2020 India will be second to only China in the global polymer processing market,” Milacron’s CEO Tom Goeke said in a statement.

Injection Moulding Machine
Milacron delivers 10,001st Indian made injection machine to Cello Group

On September 2, a Milacron Hydron Servo 150 machine was presented to Ghisulal Rathod, Chairman of Cello Group.

“This relationship is based on mutual benefits and progressive growth, and has resulted in Milacron supplying more than 200 injection molding machines to various factories of Cello Group in India and Africa,” noted Mr Rathod.

Milacron’s Managing Director in India, Shirish Divigi, discussed the company’s plan to expand its service offerings in the region.

“Milacron has an aggressive growth plan for the future. We plan to introduce new value added products and services. Milacron is focused on strengthening its team to provide faster response times. We plan to station Service Engineers closer to the customers’ operations. Our primary goal is to provide complete life cycle support and management services to our customers,” he said.

The Ahmedabad facility will complete its current expansion project on January 1, 2016, increasing its annual output to 2,100 injection and blow molding machines per annum.


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