U.S-based plastic resin distributor M. Holland, has become an authorized reseller of Advanced Laser Materials’ (ALM) and EOS North America’s Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing materials.

The deal sees M. Holland market SLS resins for the first time in North America, in addition to several EOS polymeric powders, and custom solutions developed by ALM. M. Holland’s latest distribution agreement also strengthens its 3D printing portfolio, and allows it to better support clients that use both injection molding and SLS production. 

“Our partnership with ALM was a natural fit,” said Haleyanne Freedman, 3D Printing Market Manager at M. Holland. “ALM delivers strong customized material offerings focused on application and technical requirements, which equips us with an expanded suite of solutions and technical information to solve tough application problems for injection molders.”

M. Holland’s continually expanding network 

Founded in 1950, M. Holland is a distribution firm that connects American material producers with customers in the U.S and Canadian automotive, electrical and medical industries. The company has established a strong 3D printing offering, including advisory, part design, and optimization services, as well as issuing quotes for their production. 

M. Holland also provides a wide range of printing materials, which it has steadily built up via a series of distribution agreements. Currently, the company’s network includes Mitsubishi EngineeringOwens CorningHenkel, and BASF, which supply the company with a variety of PET, POM, ABS, and PP resins. 

In recent years, M. Holland has sought to partner with new manufacturers, in order to continue expanding on its portfolio. The company signed a deal with 3DXTECH in 2018 that added 24 PEEK, carbon fiber and nylon filaments to its range, before extending its partnership with BASF to include Ultrafuse 316L earlier this year. 

Following its latest agreement with EOS and ALM, the firm is now able to offer its customers SLS materials, potentially enabling it to grow its client base within new industries and 3D printing applications. 

M. Holland moves into the SLS market 

Through its reseller deal with EOS and ALM, M. Holland’s 3D printing division will now be able to supply its clients in North America with a new range of polymeric SLS powders. The agreement also sees the company add several other unspecified EOS plastics and custom ALM materials to its product lineup. 

M. Holland’s move into the SLS segment could also allow it to address a new market of OEMs and injection molders that use the technology to supplement their existing processes. In particular, the tailored materials being developed by ALM’s engineering team as part of the deal will enable the firm to provide more application-specific solutions for its clients. 

“At ALM, our passion is creating the best powder-based materials for AM to meet the unique specifications of our clients,” added Darin Chartier, VP of Life Cycle Solutions at EOS North America. “Through our agreement with M. Holland, we are collectively broadening what is possible through SLS, reaching new markets, and helping drive new applications.”

Improving material distribution in 3D printing 

A number of 3D printing material distributors have built on their product offerings in recent years, and each expansion has served to widen the range that’s available to everyday users. 

UK-based sustainable filament producer Filamentive has launched five new materials including rPLA, PLA Matte, rPETG, rASA, and Carbon Fiber. Through working with fellow sustainable filament firm 3D Printlife, it has been able to offer its U.S. customers same day domestic shipping of the range. 

Source: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/m-holland-to-distribute-sls-3d-printing-materials-following-deal-with-eos-north-america-and-alm-180711/