LPKF at MEDTEC Europe and at Automatica 2014

Using laser technology to weld plastics brings many economic and technological benefits, and has already established itself in many industrial sectors. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG uses this development to present the Laser Welding systems at two shows: at MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart and at Automatica in Munich.

LPKF at MEDTEC Europe and at Automatica 2014
LPKF at MEDTEC Europe and at Automatica 2014

The benefits of laser plastic welding are best highlighted by medical technology applications: The method is particularly hygienic, particle-free and safe. At MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart on 3-5 June (hall 7, booth C51) LPKF will be showcasing the PrecisionWeld – a highly precise system specially designed for welding fine microfluidic channels and clear-clear joints. The recently developed “Clear Joining” laser process enables transparent plastics to be welded without using any additives.

At Automatica (3-6 June in Munich, hall A4, booth 104), LPKF presents other welding systems from its broad product portfolio. The compact stand-alone LPKF PowerWeld 2600 system is designed for the production of small to medium-sized batches. The integrated rotary table enables work pieces to be assembled and removed while the laser is already working on the next component. The particularly fast and flexible LPKF InlineWeld 6200 is optimized for integration within the client’s own production lines: The construction saves valuable space in the processing zone by separating the welding head and controls/laser unit. This enables reliable laser welds to be realized even in very confined production spaces.

In addition to the systems on show, our application and production specialists will be demonstrating the benefits of the technology on the basis of a range of examples, and are also available to answer your specific questions.

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