Kraton Polymers LLC, a global producer of engineered polymers, announces a series of new formulations designed to support lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements and reduce costs associated with contact adhesives.

The unique structure of the styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) provides key advantages to formulators; the end block enables cohesion, good load bearing properties and temperature resistance, while the center block promotes adhesion and elongation.

Kraton Polymers offers several product grades that can be tailored to work with higher solid content vs. conventional polychloroprene (PCR) without sacrificing lower viscosities needed for sprayability, roll coating or brushing. In addition, Kraton polymers are available in pellet form, so that they are easy to be handled and offer rapid dissolution into high solid formulations. These formulations can be applied at lower viscosities with the added value of faster drying times. The exclusive structure of the SBC’s allows for formulating flexibility to work with solvent blends that are VOC exempt and reduce odor.

Under these product grades, the Kraton D and Kraton G polymer are engineered to offer manufacturers a one-two punch of cost savings and lower VOC’s. Kraton D1175BT polymer features a tailored structure which translates into a wider formulating window and supports sprayable /low VOC contact adhesives. In addition, Kraton D1155BJ, D1162 and D1164 polymers are highly suitable for lower cost formulations as well as enhanced compatibility with VOC exempt polar solvents.

Kraton G polymers provide increased adhesion for high performance applications where a combination of long-term thermal stability and compatibility with lower VOC solvents are required. Kraton G1726 polymer and Kraton FG1901 polymer are exclusive grades that can assist formulators who need even lower viscosity and compatibility with more polar VOC exempt solvents. As an added bonus, Kraton FG1901 polymer permits cross linking at ambient conditions for applications that require a higher level of performance.



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