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Kraiburg TPE and Hilti join hands to work out innovative solutions for tools

Hilti Deutschland GmbH, a vendor of products, maintenance work and support services for the construction industry,

makes use of German TPE supplier KRAIBURG TPE innovations and solutions for the components that go into its tools. That specialist for TPE compounds custom-developed a soft formula for a novel cover cap that keeps dust and grime away from the inner workings of machines such as rotary hammer drills and demolition hammers. This compound offers ideal bonding to the polyamide plastic that makes up the cap and offers excellent damping and resilience properties even at high temperatures. Thus it offers the best possible protection for the high-ticket Hilti units.

What is more, KRAIBURG TPE devised concepts for tool grips and handles. Here the company earned praise with TPE solutions that once again offer satisfactory joining to polyamide–even in the face of adverse conditions such as strong vibration or contact with dust and dirt.

Tools used at major construction sites have to be tough. To make this new cover cap, designed to protect the high-quality components inside Hilti units against dust and dirt, the Bavarian specialists developed a TPE compound that satisfies this requirement to the greatest possible extent. This ring, two to three centimeters thick, bonds perfectly to the rigid polyamide component and, acting as a pliable “shock absorber” between the cap and the machine itself, offers outstanding damping and resilience capacities, even at higher temperatures and in the presence of strong vibrations like those an impact drill will generate.

Over and above that, the materials made by KRAIBURG TPE also help ensure that Hilti tool users will have “a firm grip” on their work. Making use of its bonding properties, TPE forms a protective layer for the rigid components making up the handles for rotary hammer drills and demolition hammers. The material offers safe and pleasant tactile properties. And when dealing with grip geometries that–since they are completely enclosed in TPE–do not require optimized bonding, KRAIBURG TPE achieves convincing results with TPE compounds from the THERMOLAST K product group. Using TPE also lets Hilti employ the economical co-injection molding process in production operations.


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