KHS promotes the training of qualified technical and management personnel in Vietnam

German Vietnamese Technology Academy an excellent example of educational support from Germany

KHS promotes the training of qualified technical and management personnel in Vietnam
KHS promotes the training of qualified technical and management personnel in Vietnam

The promotion of future qualified technical and management personnel is extremely important to KHS. This is why the international manufacturer of filling and packaging technology for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors decided to become involved in the German Vietnamese Technology Academy (GVTA), recently founded in Vietnam.

One of the chief reasons for setting up this educational institution in the Vietnamese capital of Ho Chi Minh City is that many of the machines used for training purposes in Vietnam are often out of date. At the same time there is a great dearth of qualified employees in the food and beverage industries in particular. As this is the third largest industrial sector in the Vietnamese economy with an especially high growth rate, much needs to be done to develop it – in a very short space of time.

On the educational map of Vietnam the GVTA is a unique concept. The center is in fact a cooperative platform which pools the expertise of KHS and several other German companies who work closely with KHS, among them Siemens, Sick, Danfoss, Phoenix Contact, Endress + Hauser, and VideoJet. Facilities and much of the infrastructure and human resources for the GVTA have been provided by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry or HUFI.

Consultants gpdm, specialized in educational projects and project management, have taken on the coordination of the academy. One of the tasks gpdm is responsible for is helping to develop the curriculum which is geared towards the technology provided by the cooperative partners and based on German occupational and academic educational standards.

The aim of the GVTA is to help two to four thousand students a year gain a bachelor’s or master’s degree and to provide them with an outstanding technical and theoretical course of training. Werner Gessner, head of Market Zone Asia Pacific at KHS GmbH, explains. “By contributing to this extremely important project for the future KHS is creating a win-win situation. The students will profit from being able to train on cutting-edge equipment provided by KHS. In the future our customers will benefit from well-trained personnel – and also have the chance to send their own regular employees to the Technology Center to study KHS systems.

One of the main points of this project for us, however, is that we’ll be actively supporting the country and its people in their ongoing development in the long term. KHS has been present on the Vietnamese market for some time now. We do good business here and would like to increase our commitment to Vietnam.” The inauguration ceremony showed just how important the opening of the GVTA is to both Vietnam and Germany. Many high-ranking officials from the worlds of Vietnamese business and politics were present, as was Dr Philipp Rösler, Germany’s federal minster of economics and technology.

The GVTA is also to serve as an example of how effective the export of German training and education can be in newly industrializing countries, where qualified personnel are needed to help establish German export goods on the market.

KHS has been active on the Vietnamese market for 20 years and has maintained a permanent local presence in Vietnam since 2007. KHS filling and packaging technology is just as popular in the breweries of Vietnam as in its non-alcoholic beverage bottling plants. The majority of the country’s KHS lines can be found in the brewing industry thanks to the rapidly growing beer market in Vietnam. Almost every second liter of beer currently consumed in Vietnam is filled on KHS machinery. KHS holds a particularly large share of the market for canning lines, with the company recognizing the trend for beer in cans early on.

At present approximately 70% of all canning lines in Vietnamese breweries are made by KHS. With a total beer consumption of approximately 25 million hectoliters and a per capita consumption of around 28 liters per year, at the moment Vietnam is the third largest beer market in Asia. Further annual growth rates in the consumption of beer that run into two figures are not unrealistic, with experts forecasting a yearly beer consumption of around 70 million hectoliters by 2025.

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