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Integrated refining and ethylene project at Fujian likely to come onstream

The integrated refining and ethylene project at Fujian, being built at an investment outlay of 30 billion yuan, is likely to come onstream in May.

Capacities include a 800,000 tpa ethylene unit, a 650,000 tpa polyethylene unit, a 400,000 ton polypropylene unit and a 1 mln tpa aromatic unit. Annual refining capacity of Fujian Refinery Petrochemical will augment from 4 mln tons to 12 mln. Fujian Refinery Petrochemical Company holds 50% stake in the company, while Saudi Aramco Overseas Co. Ltd and ExxonMobil (China) Chemical Co. Ltd. each hold 25% stake

Source: nctww.com

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