HZR 1300

Size reduction machines.  Neue Herbold Maschinen- und Anlagenbau,Sinsheim-Reihen,Germany presents its portfolio in the field of size reduction of plastic scrap.

HZR 1300
HZR 1300

Besides their large range of granulators as well as their machinery range for the entire process chain of plastics recycling ( size reduction-, washing-, separation- and drying technology), Neue Herbold has now extended their delivery range of  pre- size reduction equipment. The main machine in this new series is the Neue Herbold Shredder type HZR 1300. This shredder is a highly efficient machine which is especially designed for the effective and energy-saving pre-cutting of pipes and profiles up to a max. diameter of

1250 mm, as well as all sizes of pipes including solid materials. The HZR 1300 size reduces   PE-, PP- and PVC pipes as well as large start-up lumps. The number of shafts  are determined by the consistency of the feeding material. The standard version of the HZR series are two-, three as well as four shaft shredders.

The innovative concept of this machinery series is very positive: Compared with a one step  size reduction process utilizing a large granulator, the HZR combined with a Neue Herbold granulator operates with low energy consumption by equal capacity. Besides the achieved energy savings the HZR was especially designed with wear resistand cutting tools to enable a long utalization time of this shredder. These machinery features have considerably increased the cost efficiency of the HZR.

The special advantage of this machine is the optimised material feed via a loading flap developped by Neue Herbold, placed on the side of the machine. The working length of up to 7000 mm and the hydraulically operated loading flap grant a hazard-free operation and ensures an increased utilization. Another convincing feature of the HZR is the  improved process  stability. Low downtimes of the machine are a result of the easy accessible plant components. The high-performance ram feeder is operated by two synchronized electric motors. Equiped with a load-dependent control the HZR achieves a  throughput rate of up to 3000 kg/h.

Besides the energy efficient operation and the wear resistant design, a remarkable feature of the HZR is  the  highly efficient  operating procedure. The material is fed into a feeding trough which is positioned in front of the shredder, this procedure meets the required  safety aspects and eliminates any utilisation risk. The fully automatic process control system is initiated and closes the side flap hydraulically. The material is pushed towards the shredder shafts, utilising a load-controlled system. A wear resistant screen, designed in accordance to customers requirement,  combined with the cutting tools (assembled in V-shape) the HZR provides the essential features for the size of the shredded material as well as outstanding product quality. The material discharge is done by discharge screws,  chain scraper conveyors or by pneumatic suction systems.

On completion of the size reduction process the ram feeder returns to starting position, before the feeding flap on the side of the shredder opens hydraulically and the next material feed can take place.

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