HASCO, a supplier of mold and hot runner system, is now offering for the first time the modern TOOLOX – tool steel as an alternative to the conventional plastic mold steel materials 1.2311 and 1.2312. The advantages of the TOOLOX – steel grades 33 and 44 are particularly highly valued, not only in mold making, but also in the production of high quality tool and machine components.

TOOLOX 33 is a pre-hardened and tempered tool steel with exceptionally low residual stresses in ESR quality. As a result of its extraordinarily high toughness, with a 1080 N/mm² tensile strength, and its high dimensional stability, it is particularly well suited for injection molding tools. Despite its high strength, TOOLOOX 33 can be machined very much more easily than other pre-hardened and tempered grades of tool steel. TOOLOX 33 is available in the familiar HASCO standard dimensions as a P1100 standard plate.

TOOLOX 44 is the only quality tool steel supplied ex stock worldwide that is pre-hardened to 45 HRC. Normal pre-machining and heat treatment processes are not required, thus reducing costs and the risk of scrap.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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