Fu Chun Shin (FCS), a specialist in building injection molding machines, is a regular exhibitor of Chinaplas. Jerry Wang, General Manager of Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd, has recently talked to our staff reporter on his expectation on this year’s show, which will be held in Guangzhou this May.

On FCS’ seventh consecutive participation in Chinaplas, the Taiwan based company will showcase an A-Pack IML (inmold labeling) turnkey solution, a two component-servo power saving machine, the HN-SV series and the high speed cap production system. “At the Asia’s largest plastics and rubber trade fair, FCS will exhibit its latest technologies in injection system integration,” Wang said. “This is our area of excellence and we hope these products will appeal to our professional customers.”

“We believe the market will recover very soon once confidence is restored. In Mainland China there are many enterprises under good operation. It is only a matter of time for customers to invest again on machinery,” Wang continued. ” Besides, the government’s stimulus package and other policies are leading the industry to revival and I believe the comeback is near. I am sure the staging of Chinaplas 2009 in Guangzhou can give the market a further boost.”

Asia’s very own ‘K fair’

According to Wang, Chinaplas is truly a global sourcing platform, especially for buyers and suppliers interested in the fast growing China market. “With long history and worldwide recognition Chinaplas gathers all the international leading brands. For our Asian based companies, we hope Chinaplas one day will become our very own ‘K fair’ in Asia. It helps cutting our cost too, since Chinaplas is held in Asia instead of Europe.”

The sudden drop of demand definitely affects machinery demand. Since the coming of financial crisis FCS decided to step back and worked on the basics. The company has some critical reviews on the management performance, cost control strategy, workflow, R&D as well as sales network. “We must first upgrade ourselves before we can wait for the full recovery of our economy,” Wang added. “FCS is successful in making some fine-tunings. We are a stronger corporation after the crisis.”

Only after customers’ confidence is restored, the growth of the industry will resume. According to Wang, Mainland China, as well as Eastern Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa are expected to have strong showing in growth. FCS will continuously focus on the E&E, auto, packaging applications that require sophisticated molding system integration.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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