The UK plastics recycler formerly known as Imerplast UK (Castleford; has ditched its name and re-launched as Bright Green Plastics (BGP) in an effort to distance itself from former parent company Imerys (Paris / France; Imerplast UK was acquired from its French parent company in November 2019 by holding group Hyatt Acquisition Company for an undisclosed sum, a deal which wiped out all of its inter-company debt. Steve Spencer, BGP’s general manager, said, “We think the new look and positive stance is akin to what we stand for today, that we are now independent of a large group.”

Formerly called Regain Polymers until it was bought by Imerys in September 2017 – see of 12.09.2017 – BGP recycles polypropylene and HDPE sourced from products including pots, tubs, trays, household bottles, water pipes and industrial ducting into compounding material for reuse in plastics manufacturing. Bright Green also has an additive called “BrightFusion” for recycled polymers in engineering applications.

BGP started life as a subsidiary of Linpac in 1992. Its latest accounts, published in December 2019, showed it made a loss before tax of GBP 4.3m (EUR 4.67m) in the year to 31 December 2018.

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