Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014

Enhanced profitability for China’s plastics and packaging industry

At Chinaplas 2014 the members of the Brückner Group will be presenting the latest solutions for enhanced productivity, quality and optimised energy efficiency in the Chinese plastics and packaging industries at their booth Hall E1 / Booth K01.

Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014
Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014

Brückner Maschinenbau: Various line concepts for specialty films

Upcoming trends lead to more demand for innovative oriented specialty films in packaging as well as technical applications. New markets exhibit high growth rates, also driven by political factors such as the trend towards less raw material usage or renewable energy in the form of photovoltaic panels or electric mobility. For the production of added value specialty films in such areas Brückner will present various line concepts and latest technological developments that help Chinese film producers to diversify and enlarge their portfolio:

  • Production lines for high-barrier BOPP films in 5, 7 or 9 layers
  • BOPET lines for the production of various optical applications up to 400µm
  • In-line and off-line technologies for trendy shrink sleeves with high-value appearance made of PET-G, PS or PP
  • Simultaneous LISIM technology with very specific, adjustable film properties for thinnest BOPP and BOPET capacitor films below 3µm as well as finest quality BOPA film and others
  • Dedicated line concepts for the growth market of photovoltaic applications such as UV-resistant solar back sheet
  • Advanced production lines with patented EVAPORE process for unmatched efficient, high output and consistent quality of battery separator film for 3C and EV applications
Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014
Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014

Efficient and energy-saving stretching lines for commodity film production

Besides the trend towards specialty films the demand for commodity films in China is still strong. Brückner’s high yield unique stretching lines offer the highest productivity within the industry: Up to 10.4 m working width, 525 m/min speed and an annual output of over 55,000 tons enable film producers to benefit from considerably reduced production costs and improved profitability.

Additionally Chinese film producers will get to know how to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions – in line with industry needs and the current Chinese five-year development plan. To name two of Brückner’s solutions: the special torque control of clips for simultaneous lines, reducing energy consumption by 40% or the new high speed extrusion system with lower radiation and convection losses. 

Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014
Brückner Group at Chinaplas 2014

Brückner Servtec: Solutions for the profitable operation of film stretching lines

Film producers benefit from the wide product and service range of Brückner Servtec by implementing new technologies in existing film stretching lines:

  • Twin screw and multi-layer technology to enter new markets with high-margin film
  • Direct drives for unmatched speed accuracy and improved average thickness stability
  • Solutions for unstable power grid
  • Remote services for highest line availability
  • Comprehensive services for film stretching lines of any brand

Special service for Chinese customers

  • Dedicated service team for film stretching lines located in China
  • Solid backup by experts from Germany
  • No difficulties due to language or time differences
  • Sourcing and quality assurance platform
  • Sub-assembly of line components

Kiefel: Solutions for the packaging, automotive & medical industry

Packaging Industry

Live at the booth: Innovative Pressure Forming Machine, “KMD 78 SPEED” for trays and containers, hinged packaging, blister packs, tub lids and sorting elements

Medical Technology

Manufacturing solutions for infusion bags that fulfil the highest performance specifications and innovative lines for the production of IV bags with integrated filling

Automotive Industry

Machines for the production of interior trim components, such as instrument panels, door panels, consoles and covering elements, map pockets, pillar liners, sun visors

Appliance Industry

Technologies for efficient production of refrigerator inner and door liners

PackSys Global: Advanced packaging equipment

  • Machines for the production of oral care tubes: LT 125 and LT 250 high speed laminate tube lines: These machines, featuring the patented loading system on the LT 250 compression moulding header, allow clients to achieve world-class production efficiencies for oral care tubes at speeds of 125 or 250 tubes per minute
  • Equipment for the production of cosmetic tubes: The new LSH heading machine features, among others, quick size part changeover in just 10 minutes and a plug and produce concept. The LSH, with its compact footprint, is particularly well designed for production of small order sizes.
  • Machines to deliver tamper evidence on plastic caps: At speeds between 2,000 and 3,500 caps/minute (1.5 billion caps/year) the new SPM, the world’s fastest plastic cap folding and slitting machine, as well as the MSM (folding and slitting speeds from 1,200 to 2,000 caps/minute), both offer unbeatable efficiency on minimal floor space and low investment costs.


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