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Food for thought-a ready packaged social media solutions

Food for thought-a ready packaged social media solutions
Food for thought-a ready packaged social media solutions
Food for thought-a ready packaged social media solutions

The printed word is far from dead but in the 21st Century the electronic word is fast becoming king – transforming the way that those in the food and packaging sectors promote their businesses. Thanks to interconnecting social media platforms companies now have the opportunity to easily step up their marketing activities by introducing an all-encompassing integrated marketing strategy.

Companies are recognising that while press releases, opinion articles and telephone selling are extremely effective in spreading a product message, if you also couple these messages to a social media campaign, the reach of a good press release or phone campaign can be double or quadrupled with the help of Facebook, Twitter and where appropriate YouTube.

Look what’s happening on Wall Street. The USA’s financial regulator (SEC) has ruled that US-listed companies can use Twitter and other social media platforms to make key announcements, providing they advise investors which social media provider they will use. Some UK companies especially those involved in ‘Business to Consumer’ activities are already using social media to generate new orders. For example a pizzeria posts offers and takes orders via Facebook and this revolution is likely to expand to business-to-business activities thanks to the integration by Apple and other mobile phone providers of the different social media platforms.

It is also about being ahead of the game. An article on a new product, service and company news or views could take a while to be published in the mainstream media, but the immediate impact of using social media significantly supports that process by generating almost instant feedback. Work the two together by releasing some information via Social Media ahead of publication and the impact of the published article will be far greater.

However, social media is not the chicken that lays the golden egg without time and effort. Companies that just dabble by creating a profile or page on an electronic platform but then letting it go stale will not cut the mustard. You need commitment by engaging with people on a daily basis in a two-way dialogue – which means not just blasting out sell, sell, sell slogans, but really communicating with audiences and finding out what they want to hear.

24-7 medium can be time-consuming, but outsourcing to agencies, which deliver cost-effective social media services as part of an integrated package of marketing activities, is the ideal option for food and packaging companies.At Allotts & Associates Ltd this two-way marketing approach, using traditional PR methods and digital media, is already delivering significant benefits to clients – boosting their marketing outcomes through a more efficient, highly focused and integrated strategy.

In fact, to accommodate the growing success of using social media platforms as B2B marketing tools, Allott and Associates has integrated a range of optional digital media services into its PR and marketing packages to deliver effective digital engagement that supports other key marketing messages and campaigns.

The nationwide agency has also developed social media monitoring services to provide even more precise tracking and analysis of activities on sites such as Facebook and in particular Twitter. This enhanced service allows Allott & Associates to measure results and report on the effectiveness of its clients’ digital activities.Clients who have bought into Allott & Associates’ integrated marketing strategy include a major food ingredients supplier and a packaging trade organisation. Both have seen the benefits of exposure gained from building an online rapport with their respective customers and members.

Allott & Associates’ managing director, Philip Allott, said: “We have invested in all aspects of the company’s digital offering as part of our commitment to being at the forefront of technological developments. We want our clients to be able to benefit from our knowledge and experience in delivering effective and fully integrated marketing campaigns that provide tangible results.”

Social media is constantly changing and will continue to grow in importance as an additional marketing tool for reaching out to customers and boosting brand exposure. With the right commitment and service provider food and packaging companies can benefit from being seen by their target audiences as dynamic and interactive – and really interested in what their customers want to hear.


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