Applying high volume sales techniques in a prestige market: Tim Foote

From chaos comes opportunity. That’s an adage Tim Foote thoroughly believes in.

During the Global Financial Crisis, the highly decorated Belle Property Mosman principal quadrupled his business.

In the second half of Coronavirus-ridden 2020, the agency tripled the number of sales it would normally record in the six-month period after Tim brought in somewhat of a secret weapon.

That weapon came in the form of former Ryde area expert and high volume specialist Stefon Bertram.

Tim says applying the strategies and processes of a high-volume agent and agency to the prestige market was a marriage made in real estate heaven.

“We started on this adventure in the middle of the year and the second half of the year was particularly good because of applying Stefon’s processes into our marketplace, as well as his leadership and thinking into our business,” he explains.

“We grew our market share from nine per cent to 25 per cent in six months and the goal is to increase that to 35 per cent (this year).

“Across the board we’ve also tripled the number of transactions that we’ve done.

“The last six months of last year was a time of massive change, but our adage was ‘chaos is the opportunity’.

“During the GFC we quadrupled in size, during this pandemic we’ve tripled in size and rather than seeing those things as things to be fearful of, we actually stepped into them and found the opportunities.”

Prior to Stefon joining the team, Tim had three agents at Belle Property Mosman, but that has now risen to five agents and three associates.

Greater team numbers automatically mean they can service more sales, but Tim says it’s the evolutionary selling structure they’ve adopted that means they can do more transactions with a greater level of customer service.

“Rather than a business full of agents, we are a team that works together,” Tim says.

“The way we divide up the market creates experts in every part of the market, as opposed to a principal who’s a head honcho and many others who are performing at a lower level.

“We have lead agents and we have associate agents, and our associate agents look after the whole team.

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