“We are seeing more and more people, companies and government rise to the environmental challenge. Over the last few years, as climate change has grown in the public’s consciousness, we’ve seen a rise in business offering citizens ways to reduce their environmental impact. The power of the consumer’s wallet can drive change, through electric vehicles, solar energy, greener products and more responsible brands,” says Gustavo Sergi, director of Braskem’s Renewable Chemicals business, responding to my inquiry on key trends they are addressing and emphasizing at BOOTH S22001.

Braskem is reinforcing its position in the U.S., within its renewable chemicals focus, by presenting some of its latest partnerships and consolidation of its business. Braskem’s Renewable Chemicals segment is, in fact, expanding its operation in Boston. In direct support of this expanded vision, the company will be investing in the launch of a new Boston-based Renewable Chemistry Research Center focused on the development of new chemicals and materials derived from sustainable feedstocks that can serve as replacements for their current petroleum-based counterparts

Source : ptonline.com

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