Ipswich, Mass.-based Erema has introduced the latest version of its vented TVE series, the TVEplus. It is designed to process heavily inked and otherwise contaminated scrap plastic into useful near virgin quality material.


Erema developed the patent protected TVEplus to facilitate recycling the more heavily inked and additive laden plastics packaging. In the Erema TVE series, melt filters are placed ahead of a degassing system. The TVEplus is the result of modifications of the TVE in design and process engineering that allow an increase in degassing efficiency and an improved homogenization process.

All Erema systems are equipped with new ecoSAVE technology allowing Erema systems operators to reduce energy costs. EcoSAVE is a complete design and process engineering package that include energy-saving components and high-performance motors.


Source : www.recyclingtoday.com

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