ELMET at Fakuma 2014: A One-Stop Shop for Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molders

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As a specialist for the entire field of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding, ELMET supplies custom-designed, fully equipped systems on a turnkey basis and thus assumes responsibility for the smooth interaction of all components at the customer’s site.

Oftering/Austria, September 2014 – At Fakuma 2014, ELMET (www.elmet.com) will emphasize its role as a ‘single source’ vendor covering all aspects of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding (LIM) – a partner who assists customers in devising individually optimized, complete solutions around perfectly matched components, then erects and commissions this equipment on-site and trains customer staff in running and maintaining it very efficiently. The only responsibility which remains at the molding company is to provide the agreed infrastructure.

Plastics Machinery News
ELMET at Fakuma 2014: A One-Stop Shop for Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molders

ELMET’s managing director, Kurt Manigatter, explains: „For the customer, the principle is quite simple. They tell us which product they intend to make and in which quantity and quality, and ELMET will supply the equipment to do just that – at a fixed price. Before shipping, each system is fully assembled at our Tech Center to ensure the smooth interaction of all components, whether made in-house or externally sourced. This way, we can cut on-site installation times, minimizing interference with the customer’s day-to-day operations. As a globally active full-system supplier for the entire sector of LIM-molding two-component liquid silicone rubber (LSR), we possess the extensive experience and industry contacts, which are vital to translate our ‘one- stop’ business model into effective performance. Not just ‘old hands’ benefit from this approach, it also helps new entrants in silicone injection molding get started.

The range of proprietary ELMET products for such turnkey installations extends from fully automatic, high-precision injection molds – the company’s core business – to ultra-efficient multicomponent dosing systems and electronically controlled valve gate cold decks, plus peripherals such as check valves, diving nozzles, screen adapters, vacuum/air systems, cooling water supply technology, etc. Kurt Manigatter adds: “Only the injection molding machine is externally procured. Here we cooperate closely with all renowned manufacturers. This puts us in a position to respond very flexibly to our customers’ needs and expectations.”

As for dosing equipment, the customer has a choice between the TOP 1000 dosing pump and the feature-packed TOP 3000 two-component dosing system. Both operate pneumatically and can handle 20-liter and 200-litre drums. With a maximum discharge rate of 2.5 l/min, they support an addition of up to 10% colorant material. The TOP 1000 combines high reliability in rough everyday service with an attractive price and therefore qualifies for the production of high-quality moldings in standard applications. The TOP 3000 can be built as a front or side-loading unit, depending on floorspace availability. Its patented closed-loop controller provides a constant, documented dosing action and synchronous feeding from both LSR containers, utilizing nearly 100% of the drum content. An USB interface supports the documentation of production data conforming to Technical Specification (TS) 16949. The optional LAN port allows the system to be integrated into existing process management architectures. Tandem configurations can be adopted to eliminate production downtimes during drum changes.

The valve gates produced by ELMET for cold deck applications are controllable electronically and hence, with outstanding repeatability. They provide a direct gating capability with optimization of filling levels for each individual cavity throughout the injection cycle. The data records obtained in the process can be saved on a project- specific basis for use in follow-up orders. Further cost savings are achieved through the insert-type seal of the MAXI nozzle tip which can be replaced separately and therefore economically if necessary.

ELMET’s in-house moldmaking department provides individually optimized tooling for moldings with demanding geometries as well as for cost-efficient high volume production runs. Special options are opened up by two new mold concepts – of these, one is aimed at the production of UV-curing 2-component LSR products while the other supports precision molding of small items measuring less than 2 mm and  weighing under 1 mg with dimensional tolerances in the range of 10 μm.

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