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Dow introduces VORATHERM PIR products for metal-faced sandwich panels

Dow Chemical Company has globally launched VORATHERM polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam for use in metal-faced sandwich panels. This new product family combines the good thermal insulation properties of conventional polyurethane (PUR) foam with the enhanced fire resistance of PIR. Designed for commercial, industrial and residential building applications, including cold rooms, clean rooms, warehouses and office space, VORATHERM can help manufacturers meet a variety of fire safety requirements for both insurance and national regulations.

According to Brian Powers, global market manager for construction polyurethanes at Dow Polyurethane Systems, VORATHERM offers a wide range of fire performance levels, can be tailored to fit specific needs and processing environments. In addition, complete customer trials are available at only six weeks’ time.

VORATHERM helps to deliver the superb insulation, lightweight, structural strength and adhesion properties of PUR, but the ring structure of PIR helps make it chemically and thermally more stable than PUR, resulting in improved performance in reaction with as well as resistance to fire. VORATHERM has passed the standard flammability test for building components FM 4880 as well as Loss Prevention Standards tests 1181 and 1208, normally achieving up to 60 minutes of fire resistance.

To facilitate conversion to PIR for panel manufacturers, Dow’s designated technical service representatives will provide support throughout the entire implementation and certification process and help customers get their panels certified and out to the market fast. Backed by the Company’s 60-year polyurethane chemistry know-how and extensive experience with the building and construction industry, Dow’s polyurethane experts will help customers determine the right product for every class of certification and will be available for on-site trials



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