DME to Showcase Efficiency and Precision at Plast-Ex

DME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies
DME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies

Madison Heights, Mich. – DME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies, will be showcasing a variety of new solutions for injection molding efficiency and precision at Booth #2425 at Plast-Ex on May 14-16 in Toronto, Ontario.

Attendees can expect to see products including:

  • 16-Zone Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Gate Sequencers – With an increased number of timer-based zones from 4 to 16, DME Valve Gate Controllers offer faster response than typical valve gate controllers while maintaining the same reliability and accuracy. This highly efficient sequencer also greatly reduces electrical use over the life of the unit. Plus, its new PLC touch screen makes controlling the system easier than ever.
  • Indexable Mold Date Insert for blind hole applications –The Indexable MDI cuts maintenance and change-out time by allowing molders to unscrew the date stamp from the parting line of the mold, while the mold remains in the press, instead of having to knock it out via a through-hole built into the mold. This increases the available options for location of the date stamp, giving molders the flexibility to place a date stamp at the optimal part location.
  • D-Max Hot Sprue Bushings – High performance D-Max Bushings have two zones of heat: a slip-on, cast-in heater on the nozzle body and a square coil heater on the head area of the nozzle – providing a more uniform heat profile than traditional square coil heaters. The square coil heater uses a separate thermocouple and gives the user an accurate temperature reading to eliminate the heat soak time normally needed.
  • SMARTFLOW® DUOFLOW™ cooling system manifolds – Made of robust extruded aluminum, these economical manifolds are similar to the original Smartflow one-piece design, but also offer versatile mounting due to smaller size. Duoflow manifolds feature a proven design for reliability and improve overall production by helping equipment operate more efficiently and serving to reduce tool change time.

“Companies continue to rely on DME as an essential resource because of our recognized expertise and relentless pursuit of new product development,” said Dave Lange, Director of Sales for DME. “We’re excited to engage customers and other attendees at PlastEX and demonstrate the benefits of many of our new and existing technologies.”PlastEX is Canada’s largest and most important plastics industry event, featuring top industry suppliers, the latest technological advances, and new products and resources with over 10,000 expected attendees.For more information on DME, please visit: