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Direct extrusion technology rides the green tide

Zhang Haijun, Vice General Manager of Nanjing Useon Extrusion Machinery Co. Ltd., said on CHINAPLAS fairground: “We just launched the SAT new type high-torque high-precision double-screw extrusion machine and PET direct extrusion technology in this exhibition.”


The characteristics of SAT new type high-torque high-precision double-screw extrusion machine are high-torque gearbox and high precision. “The high-torque gearbox that we independently devise and manufacture has reached the level of Europe ten years ago, and the torque grade is also applicable in most of double-screw production enterprises in the world. The precision of cylinder and screw component of SAT series is higher than previous extrusion machines. Improvement of torque and precision of extrusion machine will greatly enhance equipment efficiency and product quality. For the PET direct extrusion technology, our process and extrusion equipment are removed with pre-heating system, and this improvement can save energy, protection environment and reduce labor costs, cycle time and expenses of material. It can also ensure the lowest viscosity drop.”

Zhang said that high-torque high-precision double-screw will fully replace traditional double-screw extrusion machine and become dominant in the market in the next few years because this machine had exceeded the current traditional extrusion machine in both production efficiency and product quality.


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