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BUSS auf der NPE in Chicago / quantec(R) – rigid PVC compounds with up to 100 phr fillers

(Switzerland), June 2009. – Swiss manufacturer Buss AG, Pratteln, has set yet another benchmark with its 4-flight quantec® Kneader.

Among other advances,
rigid PVC compounding with up to 100 phr fillers is now possible on this machine.The key engineering and technological innovations are: Process zone extension to 15 L/D (screw length/diameter), Addition of a downstream vertical Inlet Screw (IS) for feeding fillers directly into the gelled PVC melt. Both these intake zones have a larger housing and screw diameter (Expanded Volume Intake, EVI), enabling the biggest possible fillers take-up volume in the process zone.



Source: Konsens Public Relations GmbH & Co. KG

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