New bespoke pot allows “wet” quick noodles

RPC Barrier Containers and RPC Bebo Plastik of UK’s RPC group have developed a

bespoke pot for the latest range of convenient food from Pot Noodle: the GTi series of two-minute microwaveable meals.

Pot Noodle GTi is a wet version of the usually dehydrated snack food, offering consumers increased speed and convenience because the product can be prepared directly in the microwave, rather than requiring the addition of boiling water. It is also the first Pot Noodle in the brand’s history to contain real chunks of meat.

With such a major shift in the Pot Noodle concept, brand owner Unilever required a new pack format. Working with RPC Barrier Containers, the solution is a compact and fully microwaveable 300ml plastic pot. Thermoformed at RPC Bebo Plastik, the PP/EVOH/PP construction ensures an effective oxygen barrier for an ambient shelf life of up to 18 months, said RPC Barrier Containers.

The Pot Noodle logo is also embossed on the side of the container to reinforce branding once the outer cardboard sleeve has been removed.

The GTi range is now available in UK supermarkets and comes in a variety of tasty flavors including Tikka Masala, Chilli and Bolognese. A major advertising campaign, parodying the Hollywood movie The Fast and The Furious, has been showcased.


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