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Injection molding work cell bursting with new technology at NPE

Mold-Masters, a specialist in hot runner technology, and Engel, an injection molding machine maker, will showcase a 10 cavity multi-material system at NPE, a US plastics trade fair to be held next week in Chicago.

A completely balanced 10 cavity, 2 material poker chip will be produced every 22 seconds on an ENGEL e-max 110 ton injection molding machine at the Mold-Masters booth. Complimenting the machine will be Mold-Masters new line of all auxiliary injection units called H-Multi and E-Multi. The mold inserts, manufactured by Prosin Molds, use brazing technology to create ultra efficient cooling. The hot runner will feature a new micro sized valve gate called Femto-Lite VG and the valve gates will be powered by an E-Drive servo driven synchro-plate.

The entire system will change colors live at the show, a first at any major tradeshow.



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