Xu Hongliang, General Manager of Hangzhou Atech Machinery Co. Ltd., introduced the company’s three machines, including a three-cylinder direct-pressure mould locking machine, high-speed injection molding machine and K type rotary machine.

6“The innovative three-cylinder direct-pressure mould locking machine is easy to operate and convenient for maintenance after improvement made by the company. Compared with traditional equipment, the equipment of Atech is only 3.5m high and reduces floorage by 10%-20%.”

“The high-speed injection molding machine can produce LED stands, connectors and other products, which have higher degree of adaptability and faster speed, and can meet domestic market demand better. In order to meet market change, the newly launched vertical mould locking machine reduces height and floorage in use of horizontal injection direction.” Mr Xu said.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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