Equipment that supports energy efficiency and cost reduction will be the focus of Davis-Standard, LLC during the K Show in Germany.

Davis-Standard, Hall 16, booth #A43, will highlight green technologies that offer greater energy savings, reduced scrap and improved processing for both extrusion and converting operations. This includes the display of a 2.5-inch (65mm) direct drive extruder, ProCone die mandrel, and control systems for both blown film and extrusion processes. Davis-Standard will also promote new pelletizer technology that offers significant production and environmental advantages.

Direct Drive Extruder: Davis-Standard recently completed a series of tests that showed that these extruders consistently provide quieter (as much as 70 percent at 100rpm), more energy-efficient operation (as much as 25 percent) when compared to their AC or DC-drive counterparts. The direct drive operates on a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which does not require a mechanical gear reducer to multiply the torque to rotate the screw. These extruders are capable of processing a variety of resins for all extrusion applications. Davis-Standard supplies these extruders in sizes up to 4.5 inches (114mm).

ProCone Die: Davis-Standard will display the internal mandrel of its new ProCone die technology to illustrate the many possibilities not seen in competitive systems. The ProCone is engineered for blown film structures from five to nine layers for the production of barrier films. The die has a stackable mandrel arrangement allowing vertical movement of mandrels within the stack. This unique design allows for angular movement of the mandrels relative to each other, which provides flexibility to change the layer ratios without changing extruder position. The modules, consisting of one cone and one ring, can be rotated to share an extruder or uncoupled and moved within the stack for use with another extruder. Modules also have a rate range design to enable higher or lower rates or for special resin changes as needs require. This die is available in sizes from 2 to 12 inches (50 to 300mm).

Control Technology: Davis-Standard will display an Integrator and EPIC control console. The Integrator being shown is engineered for blown film processes. It provides control of thickness measurement, IBC, and speed as well as winder, alarm and recipe functions. This unit is developed to include the gauge supplier’s control software as well as IBC control for one seamless display package. The EPIC is Davis-Standard’s most complete and efficient control system for extrusion operations. In addition to user-friendly control for multiple lines, the EPIC is available with Remote ACcess Technology (REACT), which enables Davis-Standard process engineers and technicians to support customers worldwide in real-time without a service call. With REACT, the service team can remotely and immediately view process conditions at a customer’s plant during a production run and make a diagnosis without stopping the line.

Pelletizer Technology: Davis-Standard’s Converting Systems group has introduced a new series of Black Clawson Converting Machinery underwater, water ring and air ring pelletizers for micro pellets, normal pellets, and macro pellets in laboratory sizes to high-capacity virgin resin plant sizes. These pelletizers allow for 5 to 25 percent more production than previous model sizes. The die plates, manufactured in-house, have been redesigned and field proven to enable greater throughputs while nearly doubling the face life of the die plate. This design also enables greater process flexibility for a broad melt viscosity processing range without a die change. This technology was developed to support new markets such as bio resins as well as de-bottlenecking projects and improved scrap recovery at all levels.

About Davis-Standard

Davis-Standard, LLC deals in the design, development and manufacturing of extrusion systems, feedscrews, barrels and process controls for the flexible web converting, plastics processing and rubber industries. The company manufactures extruders and extrusion processing equipment for blown film, blow molding, cast film, compounding and pelletizing, elastomer, extrusion coating and laminating, fiber, laboratory, pipe, profile and tubing, reclaim, sheet, wire and cable, and wood fiber applications. D-S LLC also manufactures solution coating equipment to service the flexible web converting industry. Davis-Standard, LLC has three manufacturing facilities in the United States and subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom. Sales or Representative offices are located in France, Russia, Singapore and China. The company also has research and development centers located in Pawcatuck, Connecticut; Bridgewater, New Jersey; Fulton, New York; and Erkrath, Germany.


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