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Ticona introduces MetaLX metal-effect polymers that improve aesthetics

MetaLX metal-effect polymers, a new line of appearance-focused engineering thermoplastics from Ticona Engineering Polymers, were introduced and on-display at ChinaPlas 2009, Asia’s No.1 plastics and rubber trade fair held last week (May 18 to 21) in Guangzhou, China.

Innovative MetaLX metal-effect polymers, and Ticona expertise applying them, can help designers and manufactures achieve brilliant solutions with plastics — they can reduce costs and eliminate chemical pollutants associated with painting and, at the same time, achieve the aesthetics of a metallic look.

The MetaLX metal-effect polymers are available in Hostaform / Celcon acetal copolymer (POM), Celanex thermoplastic polyester (PBT) and Riteflex thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPC-ET). MetaLX metal-effects grades include unfilled, glass-reinforced, flame retardant glass-reinforced and elastomeric.

Brilliant Solutions With Plastics — MetaLX metal-effect in Hostaform acetal copolymer (POM) from Ticona can be used to produce bright, metallic-look door handles for vehicle interiors. This MetaLX metal-effect polymer allows easy, cost-efficient manufacture of the component without the need for additional painting or other operations.


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