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Sandretto UK focuses on core moulding machine business – and sells one at PDM

Sandretto UK has taken a step away from the one-stop-shop approach it has embraced over recent years and parted company with the ancillary equipment agencies it has been representing.
Representation for Green Box chillers, MSM materials handling equipment and Flli Virginio conveyor systems has passed to former national sales manager Chris Whitlam, who left Sandretto last month to set up his own company selling Masterflow hot runner systems, also formerly represented by Sandretto. Representation for Dal Maschio robots is still to be determined.
Sandretto, or Romi Sandretto as it is now described, scored the sale of an injection moulding machine at last week’s PDM exhibition in Telford. The 165 tonne HP165 was sold to an undisclosed customer who had discussed the project the previous week and concluded the deal at the exhibition.


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