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Eco-group plans a post-Christmas plastic collection

PEOPLE in Crediton are being asked to get out thie plastic and make a big deposit. Sustainable Crediton’s Waste Action Group is holding

another plastics collection day at Morrisons supermarket recycling area in Crediton on Saturday, January 21, from 10am to 1pm and 1st Crediton Scouts will be there to help.

Paula Mossman, for the action group, said: “In September when we had two similar events we saved 74 huge builders’ dumpy bags of plastic, weighing over a ton, from going to landfill.

“Since then people have been stopping me in the street to ask when we are going to do it again, so its back by popular demand.”

Anne Tucker, who has organised the event, said: “The Christmas food treats we all buy at this time of year contain lots of plastic packaging. Please save it all up to bring along. We can accept pre-formed biscuit and chocolate box trays, sauce and dressing bottles, margarine and ice cream tubs, cream, yoghurt & cottage cheese pots, salad pots, fruit and veg trays, sandwich boxes, CDs and cases, clear and coloured plastic drinks bottles, household cleaning fluid bottles and shampoo & shower gel bottles.” and plastic flower pots.

“Everything should be clean and lids should be loosened. It is amazing how much this kind of plastic adds up, so instead of putting it in your landfill bin bring it along for us to recycle.”

Certain types of plastic are still not recyclable, including polystyrene, bubble wrap, cling film, biodegradable plastic, paint tubs, plastic toys, pet food or soft drink pouches, crisp packets or any plastic mixed with other materials, as there are currently no facilities available to take them and they will have to be refused.

Recyclable plastic can be taken year round to the Punchbowl site outside Crediton and the Ashleigh Recycling Site on the way to Tiverton.


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