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UK car care product supplier launches new packaging with RPC design

RPC Containers Llantrisant has landed a major contract to supply plastic containers for Tetrosyl, the UK’s biggest car care products


More than 100 distinct products in the company’s own-brand and private-label range will appear in containers injection stretch molded at the Llantrisant factory.

Tetrosyl has switched production to RPC Llantrisant from its own in-house molding operation. RPC Llantrisant general sales manager George Sweeney says: “This represents a major investment by Tetrosyl and RPC in new packaging. We are making over 15 new molds and preforms, which will be used for around 100 stock keeping units in the range.”

The containers are being produced in PET in a range of 14 colors. They will be used for a wide variety of products including car polishes, engine oils and trigger-spray de-icers.

Tetrosyl supplies ranges both under its own brands and for private labels in supermarkets and automotive outlets. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of car care products in the UK.


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