NOVACEL launches new solvent-free protection for laminates

NOVACEL of France, a specialist in surface protection, is energizing its range of protection solutions for the laminates market by introducing its NOVACEL 9230 range, an innovation conveying the company’s determination to manufacture products that are more environmentally friendly.

Intended for smooth, shiny laminates protection, this transparent, colorless polyester film is 25µm thick and was designed to resist high-temperature postforming. The product’s innovation is in its new solvent-free adhesive mass, stemming from a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Major references on the market are already using this new product in industrial quantities, thereby playing their part in reducing solvent discharges into the atmosphere.

An ideal communication medium, Novacel 9230 film can be printed with a logo, a trademark or any advertising message or technical advisory.

Insofar as the protection has not been soiled during use, it may be incinerated or recycled. In the same way, all packaging and cores are recyclable or reusable.



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