Bluestar Silicones Launches Rhodorsil® MF 175 U SP Elastomer

LYON, France — Bluestar Silicones has announced the unveiling of a new elastomer product RHODORSIL® MF 175 U SP. This new elastomer is a heat-curing rubber (HCR),

manufactured at the Bluestar Silicones plant in St Fons near Lyon. It will also be available as ready-to-use product through Bluestar Silicones’ global compounding network called “Mix&Fix Centers™”.

This product targets the global rubber industry market. It can be used in all transformation processes using calendering, extrusion and injection moulding technologies to obtain tubing, profiles, technical parts and items for household appliances, building, food contact and electrical insulation. It is also used by the transformers of rubber items for the consumer goods market.

According to Luigi Stoppa, Global Market Manager – Rubber and Electrical Insulation Industries, Bluestar Silicones, “This general purpose product covers a wide range of applications thanks to optimized performance in terms of processing and the excellent compromise of its mechanical properties. It is a highly transparent product which is ideal for specific applications such as tubing, ducting and calendared sheeting.”

This new RHODORSIL® MF 175 U SP product is part of the extensive Bluestar Silicones HCR range currently used in the rubber and electrical industries. After the successful launch of MF 160 U SP in 2008, the development of Rhodorsil ® MF 175 U SP completes the improvement of the 100 Series which is Bluestar Silicones’ front line range in general purpose HCRs.

About Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones is a global supplier of silicones with a turnover of €600 million and manufacturing sites in all regions of the world. With over 50 years’ experience in silicones, Bluestar Silicones offers a complete range of silicone products in the fields of release coatings, specialty elastomers, health products, specialty fluids, emulsions and resins.


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