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Conair introduces single-stage drying system at NPE 2009

The Conair Group, a plastics auxiliary equipment supplier, is introducing a new drying system at NPE 2009, which will be staged in Chicago from June 22 to 26.

The new drying system allows users to optimize drying conditions, save energy and produce high-quality finished products more efficiently. The EnergySmart Single-Stage (ES-1) system was developed for processors of PET and other polymers that require high drying temperatures, applications in which throughput varies and where electrical costs are high. It takes advantage of technology perfected in the original two-stage EnergySmart system and applies it to a less-costly single-stage dryer configuration. The dryers can handle resin throughputs between 400 lbs/hr and 5000 lbs/hr (182 kg/hr and 2273 kg/hr).

In the ES-1, several Conair technologies are used to slash energy waste and provide a higher degree of control over the drying process. In Optimizer Mode, the new TouchView dryer control uses information gathered by a Conair Drying Monitor and regulates air temperature, dew point and air flow. Just enough heat energy is added to the bed of material in the drying hopper to maintain an optimum temperature profile. Too much air flow will result in wasted energy; too little air flow will result in poor drying performance. Once the proper conditions are established, they can be locked in with the touch of a finger. The controls have the ability to fine-tune the air flow, temperature and dew point to maintain a stable temperature within the hopper regardless of throughput changes or variations in material temperature or ambient conditions. Settings can also be memorized for instant recall.

Built around a Conair Carousel Plus desiccant dryer, which delivers air dried to a -40°F (-40°C) dew point, the ES-1 is especially well suited to applications involving resins like PET that require precision drying at temperatures as high as 350°F (177°C). In this application, it can deliver an average energy savings of between 35 and 45% compared to conventional dryers. Return on investment, based on energy savings alone, can be as little as 6 to 9 months. The ES-1 can be used with materials like polycarbonate, which dries at 250°F (121°C), or even ABS, which dries at 180°F (82°C).


Source: plastics.2456.com

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