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3B, a leading manufacturer of fibreglass products for the reinforcement of thermoplastics and thermosets, announced an innovative new chopped strand product aimed at helping OEMs, compounders and moulders expand the application of reinforced polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) compounds. 3B’s new DS 2200-13P chopped strand, made from Advantex™ boron-free E-glass, was launched in conjunction with the 2009 JEC Composites Show in Paris.


The new product offers a unique combination of properties that enable reinforced PP and PE to replace metal and other reinforced thermoplastics in applications such as automotive components and appliances that demand exceptional mechanical and aging performance. DS 2200-13P chopped strand is available globally.

Dr. Eric Martin, 3B Technical Product Manager – Thermoplastics, said, “Reinforced PP and polyolefins such as PE are already making strides in replacing traditional materials, due to their advantages of low cost, low density and easy processing. However, to expand into more challenging application areas, PP requires higher-performance reinforcement, and that is precisely what 3B has delivered in our new DS 2200-13P chopped strand. 3B’s focus on continuous innovation at our world-class R&D facility has resulted in a completely new product that surpasses existing technologies and opens up fresh opportunities for our customers to compete successfully against metals but also against reinforced nylon and long fibre thermoplastics,” Dr. Martin concluded.

Performance and Cost Benefits

The new DS 2200-13P chopped strand provides critical performance benefits, including outstanding stiffness, excellent impact resistance, high density for optimal flow, and excellent dispersion capability for use in high (>50%) glass fibre loading PP compounds. Further, this product also offers exceptional hydrolytic performance, making it ideal for use in high-speed washers, dishwashers and other appliances with exposure to water and detergents.

DS 2200-13P chopped strand is made with Advantex glass fibre which is performance-proven through long-term exposure to water and alkaline solutions. It also provides longer service life and larger safety coefficients for the same design, and material savings through reduction in sections and wall thickness.

Cost benefits are another part of the value package. DS 2200-13P chopped strand can be used with much lower levels of chemical coupling agents than competitive products without impacting mechanical performance.

Source: specialchem4polymers.com

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