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ColorMatrix emphasizes sustainable PET processing technologies at SinoPack

ColorMatrix, a global innovator of plastic colorant and additive systems, presented their latest technologies for improving sustainability of PET processing at this year’s SinoPack held on March 9-11 in Guangzhou.


Using its extensive expertise in PET processing, ColorMatrix had looked at every stage of the PET processing chain to develop technologies that help to drive down carbon footprint.

Featured technologies included: PET resin additives engineered to improve energy and process efficiencies; Joule RHB reheat agent which promises significant advances for multi-trip recycling; Amosorb oxygen scavengers and UV barriers Ultimate and Lactra which enable container lightweighting while maintaining barrier performance; as well as advanced liquid color systems that improve color addition efficiencies and help to minimize waste and inventory.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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